Our Specialities

Areas of Practice


Personal returns: 1040

Annual personal returns are complicated.  Let us remove the yearly hassle by assembling your personal returns for you.  Our firm will receive certain key financials for your year, copy this information and then return the original data to you.  With this information, we prepare an individual return that is thorough, so you can feel comfort and ease in knowing your tax return is complete.  Also, given our up-to-date knowledge in annual returns, we are able to provide any federal and state savings you are eligible for.

trust accounting

Trust accounting is specialized for each particular trust.  Our knowledge in this field allows us to provide you and your family members with guidance in maintaining trusts for years to come.



Struggling to maintain an accurate track of income and expenses?  We provide daily bookkeeping services for your company, ranging from monthly updates to day-to-day entries.  These entries include Quickbooks maintenance for all of your's firms payments, including payroll and monthly expenses, to all of the company's profits.  This service provides your business with a continuous understanding of where the company is financially.

Tax Accounting: 1120, 1120s, 990

We provide annual return preparation for all business types.  


Have an idea for a new business? We will meet with you to determine what type of business entity would be ideal for your new company.  From there, we will complete the forms for setup, and then register your new company with the Secretary of State so you can begin turning your idea into a profitable firm.